Warmer months: Late spring and early summer.

 img_20160613_100609.jpgSecret spot up on Tray Mountain.

20160507_183702.jpgA friendly field.

img_20160627_165823.jpgMy loves enjoying some sunshine up on Hooper Bald.

20160625_162332.jpgRhododendron are finally starting to bloom on the Kimsey Creek Trail. 

20160528_210605.jpgFriends around the fire on the Nantahala River.

20160528_205743.jpgAlabama Saint getting the fire ready.

img_20160611_194908.jpgSun rising from Preachers Rock.

20160528_182106.jpgBeers next to a cold river is the perfect way to end a long, hot day.

20160611_1329200.jpgRoad walkin’.

20160611_092211.jpgSummit of Blood Mountain, the tallest peak on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia.

20160611_090510.jpgFlame Azalea, one of my favorite trail flowers.

img_20160531_102212.jpgWisko up on the Wesser Bald fire tower.

img_20160525_194912.jpgBrad on the Sweetgum Trail, Redtop Mountain State Park.

20160528_133205.jpgMountain Laurel.

20160611_195025.jpgTrail tan from a 30 mile day. You can’t stay clean and crush miles.

20160617_211530.jpgSunset heading north on 575.

img_20160620_233256.jpgFull moon on the Summer Solstice. I believe this is the first time we have had a full moon on the Solstice in almost 50 years.

20160625_141505.jpgView from Standing Indian Mountain.

20160625_153454.jpgStaying hydrated.

20160625_161040.jpgKimsey Creek.

20160625_204827.jpgSunset from Wayah Bald.

20160625_164822.jpgTrail flowers.

20160625_204156.jpgGood looking clouds.

20160625_204531.jpgWayah Bald.

wp-1467052294637.jpgRandom view on the Appalachian Trail just north of Carter Gap Shelter. You can see three mountains that lay on the Bartram Trail. From Right to left: Rabun Bald, Osage Mountain and Scaly Mountain.

wp-1467052250725.jpgCowboy camping in the Wayah Bald Tower. 


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